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 Financial Information and Dental Benefits

  • Our priority is to help patients get the care they need to have the smile they deserve. Our custom-tailored care plan will offer treatment options that are held to the highest standards. Our office will always offer the best options available to every patient and thoroughly explain each alternative so the choice remains where it should… with the patient.


  • Our commitment to that ideal goes beyond the dentistry and extends to financing options as well. During your treatment consultation, we will discuss affordable financing options to help you achieve your health goals in a time frame that works for you. 


  • Dental benefits across the board are very limited in scope and often do not provide adequate coverage to keep your mouth up to the healthiest standard of care. We will not let third-party restrictions limit your access to the best available care. Our office is fully prepared to detail all treatment alternatives, with or without insurance limitations, and help you understand your options. We have the ability to submit dental claims to your dental benefit companies on your behalf. However, please be aware that dental third parties place restrictions on your care and a final determination of benefits will be decided by your carrier based on your plan’s provisions including the plan maximums.  Unfortunately, there are many factors these companies use to determine their benefits that are out of our (and your) control. Sometimes this means that their final coverage is lower than they estimated. Even when this happens, you can rest assured that our dedicated office staff will work hard on your behalf and will provide clear communication and financial options throughout your treatment in our office.


  • We are happy to honor all major credit cards and provide both in-office financing options as well as access to external financing companies. We have several flexible options to help you get the care you need.

For more information, please contact a team member at 503-222-9961 or click here to request an appointment.

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